Chi Sagittarii – Lottery Winner Announced


Jerry R. Ehman, “The WOW Signal” August 15, 1977

August 15, 1756

Chi Sagitarii – In a much-anticipated move, the HWT Commission for Gambling, Alcohol, and Non-Aerosol Hair Products announced the most recent winners of the HWT Lottery. The winning lottery number is 6-E-Q-U-J-5.

“We’re delighted to finally have a winner from the Milky Way Galaxy. The lucky winner has 12 months to claim the jackpot, which recently set new records as the highest jackpot in almost two millennia,” stated Lucy Melford of the Chi Sagittarii Gaming Council.

“The lottery broadcast was directed toward the lucky winner’s galaxy, and we cannot wait to tell the winner the good news.¬†Honestly, we hope this lottery never ends!”

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