Top 5 Lost Cities of HWT

Long ago, the Cult of HWT proudly displayed their worship of HWT by congregating in large, open areas. Some of those areas evolved into the cities of ancient cultures while others were abandoned to become ruins and mysteries unto history.  Here are five cities abandoned by HWT and lost to history.

Derinkuyu1. Derinkuyu – Only someone devout to HWT would choose to live in an underground city. Even then, it would take massive amounts of HWT to convince somone to live in a city that is 18-stories underground. Derinkuyu dates back to the 8th century B.C.E. and likely held more than 20,000 people. Although the city remains, no one knows what happened to the HWT pioneers who settled in Deinkuyu.


2.Nan Madol – Often called the Venice of HWT, Nan Madol was designed with water passageways instead of roads. The city served as a crown jewel for the HWT colonies. Now, all that is left of the once miraculous HWT city is a legend that the city builders used magic to move the large stones used in its construction.

gobekli-tepe3. Gobekli Tepe – In 9,000 B.C.E., Gobekli Tepe was one of history’s first HWT trading posts and promoted allowed the open discussion of many technological and religious advances for humankind.

4. Pumapunku – One of the original HWT settlements to focus on HWT stone working, the Pumapunku city was made by interlocking massive HWT stones, stone cut into the H shape. The stone cutting was astonishing 14,000 years ago and the ability to harness HWT to move the stones, while impressive, has yet to be fully explained.

petra01_big5. Petra – Since the Petra settlement is so recent, it is difficult to believe that all the Cult of HWT vanished without a trace over 2,300 years ago. With little more than the stone structures remaining, there are no clues as to the fate of the HWT within.

Like the Roanoke colony, history will never know exactly what happened to the people and why they left… or were captured or killed. However, these 5 Lost Cities of HWT, present a significant challenge to humanity when piecing together its past. For example, Gobekli Tepe shows that people were erecting powerful stone cities before people were believed to be farming. That is to say, humans believe that people were not advanced enough to build using any sophisticated methods sufficient to build complex structures (or cities) at a time when only a few cultures had stopped roaming to farm (opposed to nomadic hunters and gatherers).

Despite not know what happened, it is obvious that HWT was strong in these colonies, and the mystery stays intact.

The Life of Domino Dougal

domino1_2HWT historians have confirmed that ‘Domino’ Dougal passed away. Domino was known by many as a gentle, kind soul with a legendary beard and big feet. He was 231 and resided in the Black Hills National Forest outside Sturgis, South Dakota. He passed on September 12, 2015, in his sleep.

Domino Dougal was born in western Pennsylvania in 1784. Throughout his life, he and his family avoided the increasingly populated areas. In fact, many of his family fled north to Canada. Some went as far as the Himalayas. Not being born into an overly social family, Domino left home at an early age and lost touch with his family. Several of his friends note that he only mentioned having a family once. In 1958, Domino told a close family friend that he saw his brother in a home movie by Gerald Crew, but that was the last time he saw his family.

He has no spouse or children but was a friend to almost every animal. He was known for loving nature and his dedication to preserving natural forests and lands. Despite is love for the forest and nature, he was known to visit Sturgis every year for beer and fellowship. Given his hairy appearance and earthy smell, no one suspected that he wasn’t a biker. In truth, he blended in easily.

sturgisIn 1983, he spent a week a biker group that arrived early for the rally. During that week, which he often described as the best week of his life, Domino earned his nickname when he woke up after several days of drinking with three burn marks and a line on his forehead that resembled a one-two domino. Being tall, the nickname from something so small made people smile, and that smile is a big part of what made Domino so popular.

No, Domino Dougal was not a social person, but he did what he could to make people smile. He was a devout follow of HWT and will be forever linked to the power of HWT on Earth.

His memorial service is private, but his friends have asked that you donate to your nearest national forest or park in his honor. Also, they pass along this message:

“The next time you are camping in the woods and you hear a sound, remember your buddy Domino Dougal. He loved being alone in the woods at night with just his thoughts and the sounds of forest animals around him. So if you find yourself alone in the woods, close your eyes and imagine Domino right there with you.”

hwt-domino dougal -01

Time Flies…Well, Time Swims

bobberOne of the most powerful HWT inventions was the HWT Swimmer or time measurement device (tempusnatarometer). Rather than simply represent the passage of time like a standard watch or clock (chronometer), the HWT Swimmer expresses an exact moment in HWT time as it passes through the universe. As time exists as a property of HWT, it cannot be studied or proven using conventional means. That is, outside of HWT, there is no way to prove that time even exists. However, once someone understands HWT, calculating and proving time are relatively simple.

First, time does not fly when one is having fun. Flying suggest that time is moving in multiple dimensions and through a medium independently. Unfortunately, this would be catastrophic, if true. More accurately, time is like a fishing bobber floating on a thick, soup-like liquid. As liquidthe liquid pulses, rises, falls, spins, and moves throughout the HWT, the bobber experiences slight movements but is essentially stuck in the fluid and constantly flowing along. While the bobber does experience the occasional jolt like a real fishing bobber, this can easily be explained as HWT bubbles, HWT fish, or weaknesses in the fabric of space-time.

Second, time isn’t exactly like a bobber either. In many ways, that analogy fits, but not in every case. galileoFor example, Galileo’s harmonic motion describes time as having a pulse or rhythmic pattern that was even demonstrated using a water clock to produce a laminar flow of water representing time. While that is not far off from the floating idea, a bobber does not fit a regular pattern. Another example of how time isn’t exactly like a bobber, is Newton’s idea of linear time as this depicts time as universal. Later, HWT historians would describe Newton’s understanding of time as being pure genius for a human as he almost discovered HWT and HWT’s properties concerning time. Had he finished his work and discovered HWT time, HWT historians believe that Einstein’s ideas for relativity would have been much more accurate and many areas of Earth physics would have avoided problematic beliefs, such as uncertainty, super-states, and particle-wave duality.

As a bobber, the analogy fails to truly represent time as a property of HWT in that time can be manipulated. That is, a bobber is passive and time is not. Also, each branch of science has special concepts or names for the results after interacting with time. In the analogy, this would be similar to the ripples from bobber motion or the vibrations along the fishing line that signify connection to or interaction with time (bobber).newton

The most profound concept in Earth science related to time is another property of HWT called entropy (The Entropic Principle). Simply, in a closed system, the system progresses from order to disorder, from full of energy to without energy, or from structure to chaos. While this suggests a linear pattern (like Newton’s beliefs for time), the change in state between point one: order and point two: disorder is very similar to time as it truly exists.

green-arrowThis unidirectional or linear understanding of time proceeding in a singular direction suggests that time is asymmetrical. Earth scientist Arthur Stanley Eddington conducted significant research,described as the Arrow of Time or Time’s Arrow (T-symmetry). In his concept, Eddington describes that time, the expansion of the universe, radiation, causality, the quantum universe, and even perception are governed by the same symptom, entropy, as a result of time.

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it
– Omar Khayyam

The cosmological arrow is one of the most common concepts and illustrates that the universe is moving away from the Big Bang and has since the initial explosion. This suggests that time has passed since that finite, original moment, and that each moment since is both further from the origin in time and space. Furthermore, it suggests that there are two possibilities in the future (another moment in time): Either gravity will eventually reverse the process and pull everything back toward the Big Crunch or things will continue to expand forever and eventually reach a “heat death” known as the Big Chill when the amount of usable energy is insufficient to provide heat. While both examples represent different outcomes, both present time in terms of time and space together. Additionally, they both provide information about a connection between start and finish that are radically different.big-bang

First, the Big Crunch suggests that time will “reset” or return to its original state. In mathematics, the Poincare Recurrence Theorem states that a system is finite and cannot lose matter or energy from that system. Also, the theorem states that the volume of that system under dynamics is conserved. Overall, this means that the universe, as a whole entity, is a single system that does not lose matter or energy and will change in volume while conserving that matter and energy. Of course, this will eventually return the universe to its original, infinitely hot and infinitely dense state. Fundamentally, this means that time will be returned back to the beginning as entropy will have been reversed–the universe will start restoring order as it contracts instead of increasing disorder as it expands.

broken-cupSecond, the Big Chill suggests that at some point in the distant future, total entropy will occur in which the entire universe will reach absolute zero temperature and time, for all practical purposes, will be at an end. In a famous example by Stephen Hawking, he describes a coffee cup that falls to the ground and shatter when it hits the floor, but we do not see coffee cups rising from the floor in pieces and reassembling themselves into a single, unbroken cup.

Interestingly, the fate of the universe according to these models is that time will either reverse itself all the way back to the beginning or stop once it reaches the end. Both of these arguments exist outside the bobber analogy and do not follow HWT.

earthSimply, Earth science and scientists are not able to directly experience HWT and see how time  is like a self-propelled bobber atop a flowing and dynamic sea of possibilities. Unlike a simple linear timeline, time is neither one-dimensional nor adrift at a fixed rate following a single path. In fact, time is merely a property of HWT, which allows for time to exist in many ways at the same time. Just like water from many buckets could fill the same well, the bobber can swim along them all at the same time and move, interact, or bypass various points of time at various speeds. All of those interactions may follow simple patterns, multiple patterns, or no pattern what-so-ever, just like the seemingly random motion of a fishing bobber.

No, time does not fly; it swims atop a sea filled with all space and all time.

Chi Sagittarii – Lottery Winner Announced


Jerry R. Ehman, “The WOW Signal” August 15, 1977

August 15, 1756

Chi Sagitarii – In a much-anticipated move, the HWT Commission for Gambling, Alcohol, and Non-Aerosol Hair Products announced the most recent winners of the HWT Lottery. The winning lottery number is 6-E-Q-U-J-5.

“We’re delighted to finally have a winner from the Milky Way Galaxy. The lucky winner has 12 months to claim the jackpot, which recently set new records as the highest jackpot in almost two millennia,” stated Lucy Melford of the Chi Sagittarii Gaming Council.

“The lottery broadcast was directed toward the lucky winner’s galaxy, and we cannot wait to tell the winner the good news. Honestly, we hope this lottery never ends!”

Russian Discovery of HWT Cave Still Burning

Darvasa_gas_craterIn 1971, Soviet scientists were working in Turkmenistan when they unintentionally stumbled upon a great hole filled with HWT. In fact, the concentrations of HWT in that cave were so significant that they attempted to burn the HWT away to find out what else might be in the cave. However, their attempt to clear the cave failed as the fire did not clear the HWT. Actually, the fire has continued to burn for more than 40 years.

NOTE: This event is believed to be the source of the phrases “Nothing’s hotter than HWT” and “maybe this world is another planet’s HWT.”

HWT’s Arrival on Earth

StromatolitesWhile considered a lucky accident, a HWT seeding vessel crashed on Earth, in Australia, 3.5 billion years ago and signified the arrival of HWT on the planet. In addition to the copious amounts of HWT deposited on the surface of the planet, the ship also released its fuel into the atmosphere and radically increased the oxygen levels into the Earth’s atmosphere.


Tribute to Ophiuchus


Constellation Ophiuchus

Nearly four thousand years ago today, Ophiuchus saved Earth from a potentially devastating invasion from an unknown enemy. Ophiuchus, a.k.a. Ras Alhague, set to space to battle the invader in hand-to-hand combat, which was particularly impressive as the invader had no arms. In fact, the invader resembled a snake and was sent to destroy all traces of HWT from Earth.

They fought desperately for years before it was discovered that they had been trapped inside an Iteration bomb, now outlawed by even the most barbaric civilization’s laws. An Iteration bomb repeats a single, short span of time for eternity. While those inside it have no idea that they are stuck in a time loop, but time outside the bomb’s blast radius continues unaffected.

To recognize these heroic deeds, Manilius wrote this in the Astronomica around 10 AD:

Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals and twisted body encircles his own, so that he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns: and the other’s hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers.

As a tribute to Ophiuchus, most space-faring cultures regard a series of stars between the zodiac signs Scorpius and Sagittarius as the constellation Ophiuchus. Of the stars in this constellation, Alpha Ophiuchi is a binary star system in which the two stars orbit each other in a way that is similar to the grappling that Ophiuchus and the snake experienced. However, their cosmic dance, much like the Ohiuchus’ battle, cannot last forever. While an Iteration bomb often last for millions or billions of years, the HWT Council destroyed the Iteration bomb’s loop field along with both Ophiuchus and the snake while trying to free them.

Binary Stars

Binary Stars

Scientists predict that the increasing orbital rate and rotation of these stars will eventually result in one star’s destabilization. At that moment, the star will begin ejecting gas that will feed its companion star beyond sustainable levels. As the resulting scenario plays out, the dying star will fade as its companion grows in size and temperature. However, the fading star will not die first or alone. In fact, the growing star will reach a critical point where the gravity and fusion reaction will exceed the pressure and temperature for basic fusion reactions and begin fusing heavier elements. This runaway chain reaction will begin producing greater temperatures and pressures and so on until triggering a supernova.

Much like the battle of Ophiuchus and the snake, the constellation Ophiuchus will last for thousands of years and light up the sky as a glowing, wondrous reminder of our heroes and their sacrifices.

Grand HWT Master Oannes’ Paradox


Grand HWT Master Oannes’ Paradox

Also known by HWT historians as the Civilization Futility Cycle, Grand HWT Master Oannes’ Paradox is as follows:

  • Primitive Humanity it offensive to HWT
  • HWT provides education for humanity to become more civilized
  • Civilized humanity is more offensive to HWT
  • HWT provides cultural refinement and further civilizes humanity
  • More civilized humanity offends HWT further
  • (repeat ad naseum)

For thousands of years, HWT historians and scholars have contemplated the ethics presented by Oannes.

It would be wise to educate the barbarians of Earth [so that they] would become civilized.
-Grand HWT Master Oannes’

Much of the motivation to advance humanity’s knowledge in areas such as developing a written language, building temples, establishing laws, and studying mathematics, was a direct result of the numerous problems between HWT merchants and humanity. Simply, humanity was not sufficiently developed to support effective trade with others.

As a result of complaints from HWT guilds, who frequently sought Oannes counsel, Grand HWT Master Oannes, shared knowledge with them so that they would no longer offend HWT so greatly. However, the technological respite did not happen. In fact, the opposite occurred. Humanity’s advancements only emphasized the cultural differences and made trade significantly more challenging.

Oannes, who believed that the first attempt to advance humanity was somehow inadequate, brought more knowledge and information to humanity. And again, this information was adopted by humanity in ways that were not congruous with HWT and brought about increased insult and offense.

The debate about the “educated” and the “uneducated” has followed Oannes’ experiment with humanity. Unfortunately, the experiment’s legacy is one of only a few problems for HWT throughout history. As a result, HWT followers are particularly sensitive to the issue which has further complicated the problem.

HWT academics consider this to be a fundamental tenet of all societies (except HWT):

  • The uneducated are likely to offend
  • The uneducated, once educated, are able to more greatly offend

(Simple people=simple problems; Complex people=complex problems.)

Wisdom Paradox

Wisdom Paradox

HWT children are typically taught the wisdom paradox that is derived from the Oannes’ Paradox:

The wise seek wisdom and the unwise do not.

This concept is sometimes shortened to be a simple motivation for children to remain open-minded. However, Oannes and others contend that humanity is annoying to HWT and humanity perverts the knowledge it gains to further annoy HWT.

While this seems uncharacteristically subjective for a follower of HWT, it is important to remember that the rise of humanity coincides with the fall of HWT. Technically, there is no causal relationship, but it is difficult to ignore the coincidence, especially when HWT culture gets smaller each day.

The Great HWT Escape

3395556182_c67ceef1b4_zDuring the Vril refugee landing in October of 1938, Gover’s Mill was forced to hide a band of aliens and alien equipment that forever changed New Jersey. If not for a an unfortunate incident in which a plucky radio operator named Willy Ley stumbled upon a hidden Vril signal, the Vril would never had been discovered.
One of the most tragic sagas found in the fabled Chronicles of HWT describes the perils of the Vril. As the story goes, the Vril were hunted for their ability to control various energies, which made them extremely powerful. However, this race was deeply philosophical and had devoted so much to academic pursuits that the race was burgeoning on total genetic change to the mind, such as telekinesis and telepathy.  The rumors of their powers produced great envy and fear with many who forced them to abandon their home world and take refuge wherever they could find it.

Orson-Welles-Show-1941Some made it to Earth in 1938 with the help of a variety of HWT agents including Orson Welles and the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast diversion. Simply, the broadcast served as reasonable “lightning rod” for all things associated with the Vril landing in New Jersey. After all, who would be capable of separating the reports of an alien invasion from the purported alien invasion?

Willy Ley, who lived near Grover’s Mill in East Windsor Township (nea
r Hightstown), had always loved space and often looked at the stars for clues of life beyond Earth. In early 1946, Ley had been trying to find ways to improve his radio’s signal quality and strength when he decided to try different antennae and broadcast combinations. What Ley did not realize is that several of his attempts had crossed into frequencies and geography that the military had been watching since the War of the Worlds debacle. Simply, some military personnel refused to believe that it was a hoax or a mistake; they suspected it was real!

As Willy Ley continued to modify his radio equipment, he attempted to remove what he thought was unwanted “clutter” from the electrical signal travelling through his radio. this signal, which he believed to be background static, was actually and alien radio signal that the Vril used to communicate with other Vril.

The Vril, who fled to Grover’s Mill under the diversionary cloak of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast, never intended to stay in New Jersey. Actually, the landing happened long enough for underground transmitters to be placed near critical electrical components, such as power grids. These devices would emit Vril signals embedded in each different system’s transmissions so that only Vril would find them. In a way, the Vril landing was a message hidden in a lie and presented to the public as a hoax that turned out to be true… sort of…

The Vril immediately left Earth and settled elsewhere in our solar system. The signals left behind in New Jersey’s electrical equipment directed Vril to their settlement on Jupiter like clues in a scavenger hunt. Willy Ley had discovered the signal and attempted to remove it by varying almost every component in his radio. Unfortunately, in 1946, Willy Ley’s efforts resulted in an accidental series of pulses that amplified the New Jersey based signal enough for the signal to reach the moon and return the signal back to Camp Evans, New Jersey.

1024px-Moon_nearside_LROOnce the signal bounced back from the moon, the army scientists at Camp Evans assumed that signal, which did in fact contain alien code, was transmitted by aliens approaching Earth for an invasion. However, the signal which included both an alien code and Willy Ley’s message initiated a sequence of events that forever changed Earth and the Vril’s presence in our solar system.

Upon receipt of Ley’s signal, the Vril’s device on the moon ceased communication with the Vril orbiting Jupiter. Also, after a short delay, the device powered down to prevent detection. Without the Vril’s moon device, the signals originating from Earth bounced back to New Jersey with the same termination signal and deactivated all the Vril devices buried across the state.

monolithWilly Ley, who had been working diligently to eliminate a foreign signal from his radio broadcasts had succeeded in his efforts by triggering a communications detection network that ranged from New Jersey to the moon to Jupiter, which shutdown the Vril communication devices producing the foreign signal.

At the same time Ley removed the signal, he managed to place the U.S. Army scientists on alert fearing an invasion from an approaching alien force. Those same scientists had been looking for the very devices Ley rendered inoperative. In fact, those scientists were located in New Jersey to study the signal, the Vril signal, that started on the same night as the Welles’ broadcast.

The military could not admit defeat in its quest to find the source of the mysterious Vril signal that had become quiet. In an effort to maintain appearances, the scientists used the last fragments of data to trace the signal back to its origin, Willy Ley. Once they realized that he was human they focused on his equipment and technique to “remove” the signal. As they probed deeper, they realized that Ley’s process had created a system capable of emitting a radar signal to the moon and back. In a freak bit of luck, the scientists guessed that Ley was targeting the moon because he was attempting to communicate with them using a high powered radio signal. While wrong, it did give them a big enough reason to continue research and confiscate Ley’s equipment.

To continue researching the Vril and the Vril signal, Camp Evans established Project Diana (goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and the moon). This project would be the stepping stone necessary for the government’s motivation to attempt a trip to the moon and embark on the space missions in which mankind would discover the Vril communication device that Willy Ley switched off with his modified radio.

NASA_logoHWT historians often point out that one of the scientists who worked on the original signal detection team in the 40’s, Project Diana until the 50’s, and the foundation work that led to NASA and the moon landings was the next door neighbor and drinking buddy of Arthur C. Clarke. Their relationship, which many believe to be apocryphal, is what some speculate as the true origin to the short story called, “The Sentinel,” was published in 1948 and featured an object that was discovered on the moon and was left behind by ancient aliens. Later, Clarke would continue the stories of “The Sentinel” with Stanley Kubrik in 2001, A Space Oddessy and other books and movies that involve significant similarities with alien artifacts, Jupiter, and the Vril’s escape to another plane of existence.

Project Diana is often credited as the birth of the American space program, radar astronomy, and the precedent for naming missions, projects, and spacecraft after Roman gods.

Codename Deluge was the HWT operation in which Orson Welles and other HWT agents masked the arrival of Vril to Earth by broadcasting War of Worlds in a manner that convinced many public and military to believe that Earth was being invaded by an alien race. This also obfuscated the insertion of radio signals into all electronics equipment in New Jersey. The resulting public outrage and government curiosity into mysterious signals led to increased powers for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to change regulations for all broadcasts and signals of certain strengths, over certain distances, and containing certain messages.


On a related note, these projects also involved the horn antenna at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey (Also in Monmouth county). This equipment was used by Project Echo and would lead to the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) that is one of the most significant discoveries in cosmology as it provides evidence of the big bang. While the “Echo” sought by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson was that of the Willy Ley’s Vril broadcast from 1946, the technology and discoveries are not credited with solidifying cosmology into a science of direct observation instead of a field replete with speculation.

Oh, the Vril escaped using their knowledge of HWT when their moon device signaled that the moon was being approached by an alien force likely to invade and discover their technology. Of course, the moon device was contacted by Ley’s overpowered broadcast that bounced radar waves off the moon and back to Earth and would lead to the development of the space age.

293px-Sputnik_asmNOTE: The Russians also intercepted the Ley’s reflected radar waves and began a program similar to Project Echo that lead to Sputnik and the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union.

NOTE: Orson Welles performed the War of the Worlds form the Mercury Theatre on the Air. Mercury was the Roman god of messages and the son of Jupiter.

NOTE: Diana was the goddess of the hunt and the moon. Also, she is the daughter of Jupiter. Like the Vril, she had a reputation for tremendous mental abilities and was believed to be able to communicate with and control animals.





HWT: How to Pick Fresh HWT


Nearly 500 years ago, Mev Aida had spent most of the afternoon sleeping beneath his favorite tree near Prague. In short, he was resting as he had many errands to run before returning to his friend, Emperor Rudolph II with a fantastic feast of the exquisite and arcane variety.

Mev had long been a dabbler in the HWT arts and had a particular fancy for foods that were not commonly eaten or understood. In fact, many of his recipes involved ingredients that were taboo or forbidden. For that reason, Mev kept the recipe and the ingredients encrypted so that no one else could prove that he was indeed cooking that which was not allowed.

Unfortunately for Mev, the day that he was to prepare a special and illegal meal for his friend would turn out to be the day that he would vanish from history and leave his recipe encoded for the centuries. Mev’s secrecy and peculiar manner had drawn attention from a robber who would kill Mev for whatever treasure he might have. However, to the thief’s surprise, Mev’s only possession at the time of his death was a small book containing the coded instructions for finding, harvesting, and preparing fresh HWT-enriched ingredients.

Several hundred years later, the book would be discovered by Wilfrid M. Voynich at the Jesuit College in the Villa Mondragone, Frascati.Voynich tried unsuccessfully to translate the recipe, but no one has been able to crack the code. In fact, Mev Aida was the last known human to properly prepare HWT for consumption, and that was five centuries ago.

Since its discovery, many have speculated about the exact purpose and substance of the information found on the document. Mev would never admit it, but HWT, even with the special ingredients, mostly tastes like chicken, and those who eat it do take in some HWT properties for a time. However, the HWT sensation found by eating HWT is the same pleasure one experienced when slipping but not falling in mud–simple satisfaction and relief. That is, those knowledgeable in HWT and HWT preparation know that HWT is poisonous if not handled, cooked, and seasoned correctly.

Perhaps it is best if this recipe is never translated and no one eats HWT again. Some HWT is best forgotten.