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HWT Perceived Psychological Pattern Pervasive in Poetry

Human Brain

Undoubtedly, the human capacity to evoke and inspire profound emotion through carefully constructed sentences, which often rhyme, is one of its most redeeming characteristics. Like a magician, poets and writers take advantage of the instruments and conventions at their disposal to perform these “tricks,” or more specifically, these tricks of the trade. Also like a magician, a poet’s tricks can be uncovered, and in the act of doing so, the “magic” evaporates into an empty line of hollow sentiment… unless, of course, the poet is writing with the magical power of hwt!

Poetry, while popularly collected in obscure books, most often appears as lyrics. Hwt is known for its command of all media and naturally applies to both words and music. Some would say that both were created to provide a suitable outlet for hwt into the human experience.

Music is replete with hwt. In fact, you can find the hwt code everywhere. Specifically, hwt code consists of -or- alternating lines of tetrameter and iambic trimeter (alternating lines of eight and six syllables). The human mind craves hwt, and has worked hwt into an amazingly diverse realm of literature and music. The following video demonstrates the power of hwt, based on the lyrics of Amazing Grace.

Here is a list of songs that follow hwt

  • Amazing Grace
  • Gilligan’s Island
  • Navy Hymn (Eternal Father)
  • The House of the Rising Sun
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem
  • While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night
  • The Marine Hymn
  • America the Beautiful
  • Yankee Doodle
  • The Australian National Anthem
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas
  • Oh Susanna
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Auld Lang Syne

Unlike many avenues in science, the hwt pattern is not studied to learn how it works. Instead, the more important question is: how did the human mind receive the desire for this pattern?

Furthermore, how can one be certain if something is liked based on its own merit or on hwt’s influence? Ultimately, are we able to discern our personal preferences from hwt’s influences? Or, are we condemned to like whatever hwt we are provided? More to the point, who is providing us with hwt?

Cristóbal HWT Colón, the Flat World, and Colonization

Christopher Columbus

Cristoforo Colombo, A.K.A. Christopher Columbus, is often considered one of the pioneers of correcting one of the world’s most astounding scientific mistakes: belief in a flat world. However, the hidden truth is that an insidious plot to obfuscate HWT from history required future generations to believe that each preceding generation consisted of progressive levels of ignorance and intolerance.

In 1828, Washington Irving wrote a biography of Columbus that helped solidify the belief that the world was considered flat and that the Catholic church had indoctrinated the world to believe that the world was flat despite more than a thousand years of world-wide belief in a spherical Earth. In fact, many Greeks, such as Ptolemy, Aristotle, and many others, were familiar with the writings and experiments conducted by Eratosthenes in which he correctly calculated the circumference of the Earth using shadows and basic geometry.

Da Vinci Vitruve Luc Viatour

As most know, Columbus was granted permission and funded by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to find a western route to the orient. Actually, Columbus was not looking for the orient but for a thief who absconded with Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci’s (Leonardo da Vinci’s) fabled drawing of the Hwt Man, the final production of the Vitruvian Man and complete drawings for a mechanical, working replica of the human body. As enormous fortunes were hanging in the balance of this invention, Leonardo was forced to disavow all knowledge of the Hwt Man. Many speculate that the Hwt Man was actually a woman and the subject of the infamous Mona Lisa painting.

Mona Lisa (Hwt Man)

Despite the numerous controversies, the fact remains: a thief stole the plans and fled to the west. As most European rulers and nobleman were aware of the rumored “robot,” Columbus managed to slip through their scrutiny as the public truly believed in his quest to find a western passage to the orient. However not all were convinced.

Charles VIII of France

Charles VIII invaded Itlay in 1494 and Da Vinci was forced to destroy many of his works by turning them in to “support the war effort.” Most notably, Da Vinci recycled sizable amounts of clay, bronze, and other construction materials most likely required to build a robot during that period of time.

France was not the only empire that knew of Spanish-Columbus deception. In fact, most of the most powerful nations, such as Spain, Portugal, France, England, and the Netherlands, were gearing up for what would later be known as the “Colonial era.” During this time, countries were free to “acquire” the plans for Da Vinci’s Hwt Man as part of the colonization model. Under the colonization premise, a country could size all land and property “discovered” when a ship’s captain “found/claimed” a “new” land in the name of his sovereign and sovereign nation. Therefore, the acquisition of previously stolen goods and technology would seem legally binding before the world’s perception and common beliefs. In layman’s term’s, this invention was so potentially dangerous and threatening to each nation that years of violent conflict were likely for whoever recovered it, Da Vinci and Italy, and those who feared or wanted it for their own. It didn’t hurt that in the process of looking for the drawings, each country gained more land, resources, and opportunities to advance their wealth and national agenda.

Columbus Map

By looking at the globe, it is easy to understand how wrong Columbus was in his original estimation that a path to the orient was merely 2,400 miles away from Spain. Despite the obvious miscalculations that should have signaled conspiracy, no one seemed to question his purpose, which seemed to pointing toward a different destination and destiny What is difficult to imagine is that a world-wide manhunt for the thief who stole the Hwt man could bury commonly known information about the world, such as the world being round, and dilute historian’s understanding of virtually the entire 1490’s.

Antillia (Atlantis)

The thief, now known as the Antillian, was never found. For centuries, many have speculated that he was an agent from the future, who was sent to protect Earth from certain dangers that would potentially erase humanity. It is believed that he evaded capture by making landfall on Antillia, A.K.A. Atlantis, A.K.A. the Isle of Seven Cities.

The most compelling argument for the thief’s connection to Antillia is that the rules of colonization were universally agreed upon by all European royals in that whatever land was “discovered” would ipso facto become a part of that nation. As Atlantis had not been found and had so much to offer the nation that could find it, this compelled “explorers” to seek out new lands and aggressively search for all technologies, especially those that may have been created by Leonardo da Vinci or the mystical inhabitants of Atlantis.

While the plans were removed from Earth history, Leonardo was not. His work moved underground, literally, and he continued to push the limitations of numerous disciplines, including:

  • new vehicles that could fly or travel below the surface of the water
  • new weapons that could shoot faster and farther than before
  • new styles of clothing (which are still worn by the guards in Vatican City)
  • new art that would intrigue countless generations
  • and, of course, new understandings of the body and how it worked

Da Vinci Flying Machine

In fact, he would become so prolific in so many areas that his contributions will never completely be realized. Some have speculated that he was an accomplished alchemist, who frequently created concoctions that held seemingly magical properties (at least to the common person of the time). He was also known for his ability to learn and innovate whatever subject he desired.

His background and frequent conflicts with various state and religious entities have helped solidify his place in history as one of the most significant figures in Hwt conspiracy. Not only was he the definitive cause of the colonial age and the single source of fear that prompted one of the Earth’s most elaborate cover-ups, but Leonardo da Vinci would also add another powerful accolade to firmly place him in the Hwt Hall of Fame when he attempted to subvert the nations of Europe, the Holy Roman Empire, and his ties with the secret society of Hwt.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Self Portrait and the Shroud of Turin’s face.

While some have speculated about his participation in the greatest hoax in human history, little proof has connected him to the creation of the Shroud of Turin, but that is another story…

Nevertheless, Columbus never found daVinci’s drawings, the thief, or the passage to the orient. The world did suspect that their ancestors thought the world was flat. Colonization would spread across the globe (definitely not a flat globe) despite the randomness of the exploration. While the world pursued da Vinci, he entered into his most productive phase and managed to flaunt his success with an understated hwt that persists to this day.

There are three classes of people: those who see hwt, those who see hwt when they are shown, those who do not see…Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O HWT! Wretched mortals, open your eyes! – -Leonardo da Vinci