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The Life of Domino Dougal

domino1_2HWT historians have confirmed that ‘Domino’ Dougal passed away. Domino was known by many as a gentle, kind soul with a legendary beard and big feet. He was 231 and resided in the Black Hills National Forest outside Sturgis, South Dakota. He passed on September 12, 2015, in his sleep.

Domino Dougal was born in western Pennsylvania in 1784. Throughout his life, he and his family avoided the increasingly populated areas. In fact, many of his family fled north to Canada. Some went as far as the Himalayas. Not being born into an overly social family, Domino left home at an early age and lost touch with his family. Several of his friends note that he only mentioned having a family once. In 1958, Domino told a close family friend that he saw his brother in a home movie by Gerald Crew, but that was the last time he saw his family.

He has no spouse or children but was a friend to almost every animal. He was known for loving nature and his dedication to preserving natural forests and lands. Despite is love for the forest and nature, he was known to visit Sturgis every year for beer and fellowship. Given his hairy appearance and earthy smell, no one suspected that he wasn’t a biker. In truth, he blended in easily.

sturgisIn 1983, he spent a week a biker group that arrived early for the rally. During that week, which he often described as the best week of his life, Domino earned his nickname when he woke up after several days of drinking with three burn marks and a line on his forehead that resembled a one-two domino. Being tall, the nickname from something so small made people smile, and that smile is a big part of what made Domino so popular.

No, Domino Dougal was not a social person, but he did what he could to make people smile. He was a devout follow of HWT and will be forever linked to the power of HWT on Earth.

His memorial service is private, but his friends have asked that you donate to your nearest national forest or park in his honor. Also, they pass along this message:

“The next time you are camping in the woods and you hear a sound, remember your buddy Domino Dougal. He loved being alone in the woods at night with just his thoughts and the sounds of forest animals around him. So if you find yourself alone in the woods, close your eyes and imagine Domino right there with you.”

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