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Grand HWT Master Oannes’ Paradox


Grand HWT Master Oannes’ Paradox

Also known by HWT historians as the Civilization Futility Cycle, Grand HWT Master Oannes’ Paradox is as follows:

  • Primitive Humanity it offensive to HWT
  • HWT provides education for humanity to become more civilized
  • Civilized humanity is more offensive to HWT
  • HWT provides cultural refinement and further civilizes humanity
  • More civilized humanity offends HWT further
  • (repeat¬†ad naseum)

For thousands of years, HWT historians and scholars have contemplated the ethics presented by Oannes.

It would be wise to educate the barbarians of Earth [so that they] would become civilized.
-Grand HWT Master Oannes’

Much of the motivation to advance humanity’s knowledge in areas such as developing a written language, building temples, establishing laws, and studying mathematics, was a direct result of the numerous problems between HWT merchants and humanity. Simply, humanity was not sufficiently developed to support effective trade with others.

As a result of complaints from HWT guilds, who frequently sought Oannes counsel, Grand HWT Master Oannes, shared knowledge with them so that they would no longer offend HWT so greatly. However, the technological respite did not happen. In fact, the opposite occurred. Humanity’s advancements only emphasized the cultural differences and made trade significantly more challenging.

Oannes, who believed that the first attempt to advance humanity was somehow inadequate, brought more knowledge and information to humanity. And again, this information was adopted by humanity in ways that were not congruous with HWT and brought about increased insult and offense.

The debate about the “educated” and the “uneducated” has followed Oannes’ experiment with humanity. Unfortunately, the experiment’s legacy is one of only a few problems for HWT throughout history. As a result, HWT followers are particularly sensitive to the issue which has further complicated the problem.

HWT academics consider this to be a fundamental tenet of all societies (except HWT):

  • The uneducated are likely to offend
  • The uneducated, once educated, are able to more greatly offend

(Simple people=simple problems; Complex people=complex problems.)

Wisdom Paradox

Wisdom Paradox

HWT children are typically taught the wisdom paradox that is derived from the Oannes’ Paradox:

The wise seek wisdom and the unwise do not.

This concept is sometimes shortened to be a simple motivation for children to remain open-minded. However, Oannes and others contend that humanity is annoying to HWT and humanity perverts the knowledge it gains to further annoy HWT.

While this seems uncharacteristically subjective for a follower of HWT, it is important to remember that the rise of humanity coincides with the fall of HWT. Technically, there is no causal relationship, but it is difficult to ignore the coincidence, especially when HWT culture gets smaller each day.