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Sraey Neetxust Pas – Venus

venusThere is growing evidence to support a theory that a HWT mining outpost has been established on Venus as a precursor to an Earth invasion.

Last measured some sixteen years ago, Venus has apparently decreased its rotational speed by 6.5 minutes.

Of course, this discovery indicates the removal of a significant mass, possibly mined from Venus. Specifically, this suggests that the gradual reduction in speed occurs as the result of a decrease in mass resulting in a decrease in angular momentum. Consider the following example in which a solid (cylinder) has a radius of r, height of h, and mass of m. If L = Iw where I is the moment of inertia:

Iz = (mr2)/2

Ix = Iy = (m/12)(3r2+h2)

A change in the angular momentum of an object is associated with a change in its mass (Δm).

Specifically, this can be seen for Venus with Fc = mac = mv2 /r

As with any change in mathematical values, the truth rests with the action of change. In this case, the result has occurred from a decrease in mass, which begs the question: who produced this change. Of course, natural follow up questions refer to what mass was removed and why…

miningThe HWT mining operation, which has existed for many decades, completed the mining, manufacturing, and production of a fleet of attack ships sometime after the last measurement of Venus’ rotation and the current measurement. At the time of construction, all ships, weapons, and cargo remained on the surface in preparation of an en masse withdrawal to cloak the size of the fleet and guarantee its safety during transit. Also, the equipment used during this covert construction operation was protected by thermal shielding, and, without this protection, was destroyed upon the removal of ships and shield power sources.

Much to the surprise of the HWT system overlords, the fleet was not destined for an Earth attack. However, the fleet was built using ore and mineral concentrations that will provide a signature that will eventually be traced back to Earth’s system once the fleet engages in its first battles, something that was surely planned by the HWT to help obfuscate the fleet’s true identity and allegiance.

venus_earthFor now, Earth is safe in knowing that Venus is not the staging ground for a war with the HWT empire. However, the resources in close proximity to Earth are being elevated to new frontiers and enemies that will eventually take notice.

Are the agents of HWT framing Earth to play patsy on the galactic stage? Can Earth work with HWT to return to obscurity before it is too late? The evidence shows that Venus, Earth’s closest “twin” in our solar system, has already fallen and yielded to the power of HWT.

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