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The First Great Loss of Hwt

A.D. 1118 – HOLY LAND

The Knights Templar

Twelfth century knights banded together to protect hwt as it was removed from the Mediterranean, across Europe, and into safer hands. Publicly, the knights were providing pilgrims with safe passage to the Holy Land, all the while, they were transplanting relics from the ruins of the Sacred Order of the Hwt.

The Knights Templar were not the first to serve the hwt, but their service marked a significant moment in history–the last official mandate from the Sacred Order of the Hwt was to the knights before all hwt broke loose and all hwt was lost.

Nearly four thousand years before the Knights Templar, Mithra, who was known for his fairness and skill as a genie, gave hwt to the Persians. While the hwt would later spread to Babylon, Greece, and Rome, only Mithra could conceal hwt in its natural form without anyone knowing, unless, of course, they were Mithra’s followers.

The Secret Rites of the Hwt

Mithra was a renowned follower of the early hwt as it was passed down in the ancient times. By carefully observing the three rites, the crown, the hammer, and the bull, Mithra and his followers were able to achieve stupendous feats and forever cement their place in hwt history. The crown represented the hwt’s unsurpassed power over the elements and supernatural world. The hammer represented the hwt’s creativity as an artisan to cultivate the natural world. The bull represented life and the access to the untold power of the hwt. Only a true believer knew the hwt and the truth behind Mithra.

Eventually, Mithra would disappear leaving behind his followers, who desperately sought his return as his return would bring about resurrection of the hwt. At that time, the good and evil will be separated, Mithra will destroy the divine bull, and from the blood consecrate wine. Mithra will offer the blood in the cup of Eternal Life to the worthy followers of the hwt.

Arthur – The Forgotten Path of Hwt (The Quest for the Hwt)

While the time of Mithra has not yet come again, the Romans and many others considered Mithra and Mithra lore to be a key component to both religious and secular life. The Roman army, comprised of numerous Mithran followers, brought slaves, soldiers, merchants, and stories to the farthest reach of its empire. This reach would help keep the hwt alive as Christianity would soon dispense with any formal following of Mithra in Rome.

But the hwt would not stay lost for long… For as long as Merlin, or Myrddin in hwt, walked the land, he promised Arthur of an object of limitless power, a power known to only a few as the hwt. Of course, it was known at the time that Arthur’s quest was to find the Holy Grail. While the Grail and the hwt share similar paths, Arthur never found the Grail…

Even though the hwt was found by the knights of the hwt table, Arthur was sworn by the Grand Master Hwt to hide all relics in Jerusalem before returning to England, where he would publicly admit defeat in his “quest for the Grail,” one of history’s greatest cover-ups.

Despite the controversies surrounding hwt, all historians agree that the hwt passed from Persia to Babylon, Babylon to Greece, Greece to Rome, and from Rome, Arthur hid hwt in Jerusalem until the next Hwt Grand Master sent the militia templi, Knights of the Temple, to recover the hwt. Also in agreement with historians is the undisputed rise of the hwt and inability for the knights to cope with the raw power of hwt–The Knights Templar couldn’t handle the hwt and therefore succumbed to dark side of the hwt.

A lesser known fact about the hwt that might have brought comfort to the knights is a medieval translation error regarding “Peace be with you,” and the responding, “and to you as well.” The translation should have been, “Peace be with Hwt,” followed by, “and to hwt as well.”