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Area 52, not Area 51

Technically speaking, Area 51 was mislabeled by the press as it was actually Area 52. While the circumstances around the misnomer are clouded in secrecy, nothing is more bizarre than what was and is actually going on there.

There is no “Area 51”


Area 52 was selected because it was intended to experiment with Hwt. Hwt is comprised of three letters, each with a numerical value relative to its position in the alphabet: H=9, W=23, T=20. (H+W+T=52)

In other words, Area 52 is the government name for the area designated for Hwt research, AKA Hwt Area.


Officially/Unofficially, Area 52 is known as a possible location for the U.S.’s ultrasecret test flights and experimental aircraft. The secret base has been carefully hidden and protected from outside eyes for decades. However, the base has nothing to do with aircraft. Area 52 is nothing more than a bivouac for refugees. The best part of the conspiracy confusion is that the base was constructed to keep the public safe from those who dwell within, not to keep the public from getting inside.


1. World War II

Guernica Ruins

During the early stages of World War II, Roosevelt was introduced to the Vril, an alien race fleeing German oppression. The Vril, or more properly the Vril-ya, lack the ability to speak using a mouth, they use telepathy to communicate and a variety of sounds for entertainment purposes. For example: during the negotiation with Franklin Roosevelt, a Vril was reported to, “talk with his mind and joke with his hands.”

While the 40’s cast Vril out of Europe, it brought them together in the United States. In fact, the majority of them now live in Area 52. Only a small number reside elsewhere, and their numbers are thought to be dwindling.

2. Grover’s Mill – War of the Worlds

Orson Wells

As the fleeing Vril landed in the United States, they flocked to find a place a community that would keep them hidden from what they believed would some engulf the entirety of the world. They chose Grover’s Mill, New Jersey.

What would end as a public relations nightmare for the U.S. military began innocently enough. Just before a now-famous radio show, a bet took place between a Vril, named Quinn, and a human, named Orson Wells.

While the fate of the infamous radio broadcast is well-known, Wells never admitted who won what. What he did say about the bet was that, “it’ll be a cold day in hell before I go near another [redacted] or Vril’s [redacted]! Alright, start the show!”

3. Elvis

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was one of the first to be tasked with communicating with the newly patriated Vril as they are quite found of music. During many difficulty negotiations, the Vril would retreat from a conference table to “play” electric guitars at excruciatingly loud volumes.

It should be noted that Elvis has been mentioned in popular culture as being an alien. For instance, in the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones movie Men in Black when Jones’ character says, “No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.”

Elvis was not an alien, but he did work as a top-level government operative to help transport them across the globe. After all, what better cover for the strange and bizarre than the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Due to the overwhelming support from Elvis loving Vril, Area 52 opened its doors as the new home for the Vril.

HAARP Array in Gakona, Alaska

4. Global Warming and HAARP

The Vril’s fascination for music, particularly loud and raucous music, flourished in the late 80’s. Of course, this was only possible because the 80’s groups had long enough hair and outlandish enough makeup to obscure the Vril’s features in public. However, their ever-growing need for louder music forced a modification to the Vril-Earth treaty or 1938. The new agreement handed over considerable Hwt research and a small amount of Vril technology in exchange for a new settlement for a sect of Vril, known as “the band.” These new settlements would be equipped with speakers that would be capable of producing Vril music at volumes loud enough for them to finally achieve “harmonic bliss,” a state sought be most Vril since Elvis’ time.


2012 Vril Concert

In 1992, the U.S. government began a project in Alaska known as HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Of course, to the Vril it is known as “Helping Aliens Achieve Resonating Perfection.” The Vril joke is only funny because the hand gestures for resonate are also the same impolite gestures used to mimic a human behavior that they do not quite understand.

The HAARP array directs frequencies rather than simply radiate them as a radio station does. Instead, the array has the ability to point a broadcast to a specific point and bounce it off the ionosphere.This power, range, and reflection capability means that a Vril performance is loud enough to be heard anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

Many Earth scientists believe that the force of the upward directed broadcast is distending the ionosphere and altering the airflow of jet streams, moisture, and temperature around the HAARP. Therefore, the prevailing theories of global warming have been issued to prevent the discovery of the Vril, who have been limited to fewer and fewer performances since the climate changes have been discovered.

“Strange “Sounds”

The Vril rarely perform at frequencies which can be heard by humans. However, during a particularly long New Year’s celebration that extended into the second week of January 2012, the VRIL adjusted their performance to include some human listeners in a variety of locations around the world.

The impromptu concert and unexpected nature of the performance confounded cultures around the globe. After all, it has been almost 70 years since the Vril felt comfortable sharing their “music” with the world.

Canadian News Reporting “Strange Noises”

Vril Music Video for “Earth Hwt-Live”

Area 52

Currently, the U.S. government officially denies the existence of Area 52. In fact, while they openly deny the existence of Area 51, there is no record of the U.S. having ever mentioned Area 52. The fact that they would maintain the public’s belief in Area 51 suggests an effort to provide the public with enough misinformation to maintain plausible deniability well into the future. Whether you believe in Area 51 or Area 52, the secrecy is real and so is the Hwt hiding in the shadows of the Hwt Area.