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Top 5 Lost Cities of HWT

Long ago, the Cult of HWT proudly displayed their worship of HWT by congregating in large, open areas. Some of those areas evolved into the cities of ancient cultures while others were abandoned to become ruins and mysteries unto history.  Here are five cities abandoned by HWT and lost to history.

Derinkuyu1. Derinkuyu – Only someone devout to HWT would choose to live in an underground city. Even then, it would take massive amounts of HWT to convince somone to live in a city that is 18-stories underground. Derinkuyu dates back to the 8th century B.C.E. and likely held more than 20,000 people. Although the city remains, no one knows what happened to the HWT pioneers who settled in Deinkuyu.


2.Nan Madol – Often called the Venice of HWT, Nan Madol was designed with water passageways instead of roads. The city served as a crown jewel for the HWT colonies. Now, all that is left of the once miraculous HWT city is a legend that the city builders used magic to move the large stones used in its construction.

gobekli-tepe3. Gobekli Tepe – In 9,000 B.C.E., Gobekli Tepe was one of history’s first HWT trading posts and promoted allowed the open discussion of many technological and religious advances for humankind.

4. Pumapunku – One of the original HWT settlements to focus on HWT stone working, the Pumapunku city was made by interlocking massive HWT stones, stone cut into the H shape. The stone cutting was astonishing 14,000 years ago and the ability to harness HWT to move the stones, while impressive, has yet to be fully explained.

petra01_big5. Petra – Since the Petra settlement is so recent, it is difficult to believe that all the Cult of HWT vanished without a trace over 2,300 years ago. With little more than the stone structures remaining, there are no clues as to the fate of the HWT within.

Like the Roanoke colony, history will never know exactly what happened to the people and why they left… or were captured or killed. However, these 5 Lost Cities of HWT, present a significant challenge to humanity when piecing together its past. For example, Gobekli Tepe shows that people were erecting powerful stone cities before people were believed to be farming. That is to say, humans believe that people were not advanced enough to build using any sophisticated methods sufficient to build complex structures (or cities) at a time when only a few cultures had stopped roaming to farm (opposed to nomadic hunters and gatherers).

Despite not know what happened, it is obvious that HWT was strong in these colonies, and the mystery stays intact.

Operation Fool’s Gold


In 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson uses a sophisticated cipher during his “Great Society” State of the Union Address to broadcast an ultimatum to the Seeknoms in order to stop an imminent attack from alien forces. During his speech, his words were translated as the following:

“President:…on the basis of your accomplishments…you decide…we can… meet… real value…from bragging…the turmoil of your capital…that pursuit is the test of our success as Nation.”

Unfortunately, Johnson did not realize that the message was transmitted to HWT disciples, not the representatives of the invading army of the Seeknom. In fact, while the message should have been a warning to prevent an assault, the message was taken by the HWT as an invitation to become allies in a much larger war and had nothing to do with the upcoming invasion.

Johnson began working with the HWT to plan Operation Fool’s Gold, an elaborate plan with intentions to subvert an alien invasion force. However, Johnson’s folly would only go undiscovered for a few years as the plan would reach the highest levels of international fame and attention. Ironically, the harder Johnson tried to keep this operation quiet, the louder and more overt it became.

As testimony to his embarrassment, Johnson destroyed all documents and proof of Operation Fool’s Gold. Also, many of those who participated in the clandestine effort were either killed, exiled, or sent to a HWT shrine and forced to take a vow of silence.

Without official documents, the only information that exists is pure conjecture as the result extensive interviews with various humans and aliens that were either directly connected or rumored connected. The most notable individual to the legend of Operation Fool’s Gold was Major Tom Darling, a British intelligence officer assigned to early NASA spaceflight. He was tasked with communicating with the Seeknom and was unofficially on board every early NASA spaceflight, which was made famous during a live concert in which David Bowie, HWT special agent Ziggy Stardust, communicated a heavily encrypted and deeply moving cease-fire treaty in 1972.

His outstanding skills as an interstellar diplomat were almost the lone reason for the cease fire. Here is a brief transcript of the HWT translated message from the performance:

“Ground control to Major Tom…Commencing…love…you’ve really made the grade…now it’s time…there’s nothing I can do…your circuits dead…planet Earth is blue…”

While there has been much debate as to the meaning of “blue” in this context, the greatest amount of attention has been given to the “your circuits are dead,” reference as it seems to suggest a robotic or computer presence on Earth.

Phase I – Replace the Beatles

The initial objective of Operation Fool’s Gold was to infiltrate the Seeknom communication network, which was deeply embedded in the international music world, known as Rock n Roll. The current representatives for the Seeknom were the Beatles, who had recently gained fame for their music announcing plans for world domination:

  • Meet the Beatles
  • Twist and Shout
  • A Hard Day’s Night
  • Help!

According to HWT historians Knought Roo and Hall Fibs, the first Beatles’ albums were euphemisms for the upcoming death of all humans.

After great debate and numerous sack races to establish a plan of action, Operation Fool’s Gold was written and called for the creation of a band to replace the Beatles. Specifically, this group would be so similar to the Beatles that no one would notice them, especially the alien attackers, the Seeknom. This group would consist of 4 members of the HWT military Special Forces:

  • Peter Tork, HWT Air Force Commando
  • Davy Jones, HWT Navy SEAL
  • Michael Nesmith, HWT Marine Corps Recon
  • Micky Dolenz, HWT Salvation Army Gift Wrapper

Officially known as the Monkees and recorded weekly on television, the Monkees were set to take the viewers from the Beatles and reduce the alien attackers to negotiations. While the Seeknom and HWT followers were completely unable to distinguish between the Monkees and the Beatles, almost no one else saw any resemblance whatsoever. In fact, the operation began plans to move on to Phase II before the first air date of Phase I.

Despite those in charge of the operation’s belief in its immediate failure, the Seeknom were instantaneously convinced that peace may be necessary for their survival and efforts began to disarm and prepare for peace talks. The most powerful argument behind their belief was the Monkee’s playlist, unimaginably poignant to the Seeknom:

  • I’m a believer
  • Daydream Believer
  • The Door into Summer
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday
  • Last Train to Clarksville
  • Goin’ Down

NOTE: The operatives and mission were put together so quickly, no one even know if they could play instruments or if they would need to for this mission.

Each of these songs presented a clear threat to the Seeknom and initiated the peace process years before Operation Fool’s Gold concluded. Also, the Seeknom were particularly horrified by the Monkee documentary’s theme song, which included the following warning:


“Here we come…We go wherever we want to, do what we like to do…Just look over your shoulder, guess who’ll be standing there… you never know where we’ll be found, so you’d better get ready, we may be comin’ to your town.”

Phase II – Negotiate

As the Monkees began to influence the Seeknom to embrace peace, the Beatles were professing the destruction of Earth. Some refer to this period as the War/Peace Serenade. Operation Fool’s Gold, could not rely on massive deception and opted to directly confront the Seeknom. By 1968, the television documentary The Monkees had been cancelled, and the agents had been assigned their new missions against the Seeknom–establish a dialogue and commence negotiations.

The negotiation conversations continued by using album and song names. Sometimes the bands would use theatrics on album covers to expand the conversation to include emotions and determination.

Notable portions of the conversations include the following:

  • Beatles initial threats to Seeknom (and the Monkees) with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Upon inspection of the album cover, HWT agents and the Seeknom were informed of third-party arbitration by the Rolling Stones.
  • The Monkees responded to the Beatles’ threat with astronomical coordinates for a precision attack on Earth in the album Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, Ltd.
  • The Rolling Stones acknowledged the Beatles’ invitation to serve as arbitrator with the release of Between the Buttons.
  • The Rolling Stones then challenged the Monkee’s attack plan with the release of Their Satanic Majesties Request.
  • Meanwhile the Beatles’ suggested innocence and passive strength with the release of the Magical Mystery Tour.
  • David Bowie entered the conversation with his self-titled album, David Bowie,  in an effort to bring Operation Fool’s Gold into the discussion, which had been dominated by the “rock” stars.
  • Bowie then released The Man Who Sold the World to suggest that Earth would be reasonable in a negotiation.
  • The Rolling Stones, who had been side-lined in the conversation by David Bowie’s intrusion, released a singular response aimed at David, Beggar’s Banquet.
  • In response to the Stones, Bowie released Hunky Dory.
  • At this point, the Seeknom had decided that Earth was too much trouble and began communicating signs of peace, as seen by the Beatles’ release of Let It Be.
  • The Rolling Stones released Let It Bleed in an attempt to incite conflict, which never happened.
  • The Monkees then released Changes.

For a brief moment, the most powerful and high profile musicians in the world were having a conversation with aliens, and no one knew. In fact, the desire for the wild and outrageous fueled the public perception of Rock and Roll from the 50’s crooners in suits to the androgynous, outwardly alien-like screamers in the 70’s.


Since President Johnson was out of the office and working hard to erase Operation Fool’s Gold from history and the negotiations began before the army could be established, this phase of the operation was cancelled. To defend Earth in the event of total war between HWT, the Seeknom, and Earth, KISS was created to engage in both the Rock and Roll conversation as well as to command legions of troops. They were known as:

  • Paul Stanley: The Starchild
  • Gene Simmons: The Demon
  • Ace Frehley: The Spaceman (The Space Ace)
  • Peter Criss: Catman

While equally intimidating as rockers and warriors, KISS and the KISS army were never used in battle. The records of Operation Fool’s Gold were destroyed, but the legacy continued through the many bands, like KISS, that remained in place to defend Earth. Also, despite the operation’s failure, many U.S. and world leaders recognized Johnson’s efforts and contributing to its safety. To further that safety and publicly honor Johnson, NASA opened the Johnson Space Center as the center-piece for its space program, which would continue to work with the HWT and the Seeknom.

NOTE: Years later, the Rolling Stones would release “It’s Only Rock and Roll” in an effort to quiet rumors that rock bands, musicians, and rock music were involved with government cover-ups and alien communications. Of course, most humans would have accepted the Rolling Stones suggestion about Rock and Rock except for David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, in which Bowie describes his involvement as a HWT agent — named Ziggy Stardust.


The legendary rock band Magnetar has finally released an album after years of creative differences, mainly about which font to use on the album cover. Attract and Destroy is hailed as the epic culmination of high-mathematics, musicianship, and coma-inducing lyrics.

The album features thirteen songs, none shorter than fifteen minutes.

  1. Attract and Destroy
  2. Big Banger
  3. Thermodynamicon
  4. Argentum Asstrum
  5. Blow, Wench, Blow
  6. Libido 0.39
  7. Quarksucker
  8. Desert Penguin
  9. Savage Popsicle
  10. Quantum Love
  11. Love is a Singularity (from which there is no escape)

Magnetar, formerly known as Gravitar, first formed as part of a group therapy for AAAAA (Attractive Alcoholics, Aliens, & Artists Anonymous).

While no one knows exactly what caused the group to form, it is commonly believed that the Cult of HWT was responsible for producing their first album, Green Mollusk Clan.

Duke Alpha (drums & vocals)
Candy Summers (bass & vocals)
Lev Earn (keyboards, guitar, & vocals)
Jay Anaconda (vocals & guitar)
Chuck (lead guitar & vocals)


Magnetar first appeared as a wedding cover band for League of Puppeteers (Ohio Chapter). However, after several intense arguments over bar tabs, hook-ups with bridesmaids, one groom, and two ministers, Magnetar received the first lifetime ban from the state of Ohio, the Boys & Girls Club of Ohio, and Le Flamingo’s Pizzeria, Delicatessen & Karaoke bar.

Urban Myths

Chuck, the outspoken and self-proclaimed “prophet of violence and pasta”, was arrested in 1984 for planting spy equipment in numerous federal buildings in an attempt to “watch them, watching us.” His discovered the depth of his paranoia when he was confronted about his crimes and the manor in which he had been caught. It seems that as he was attempting to plant the bugs and surveillance equipment, his fans were following him and videoing his every move. In fact, the footage was good that, after the trial, he purchased the complete film to create the only coherent documentary about the group, so far.

During his trial, Chuck was reported dead twice, alive once, and it believed to have kissed the judge, the bailiff, and an undisclosed number of jurors before being restrained and eventually confined to a cell for a contempt of court charge.

Also, Chuck, who was representing himself at the time he was found in contempt, was then represented by his girlfriend, a nineteen year old with multicolored hair, numerous piercings and tattoos, and an almost impossible-to-understand speech impediment. Despite her miraculous defense, Chuck was found guilty on all charges, guilty on additional charges accrued during the trial, and publicly scolded by the judge for offenses including personal hygiene.

This was the first public episode that negatively impacted the band, but it would not be the last. Many Magnetar historians describe this as the “defining moment” from which the band would never be the same. Some have noted that the shenanigans committed by the members seem to represent an attempt to “one up” the others in magnitude and severity.

Current Projects

Duke Alpha

He is currently celebrating his recent marriage and sponsorship by Purple Kow Sports. “It means a lot that they believe in my skating so much. I mean, just because I’ve never skated doesn’t mean I’m not great at it!”

Candy Summers

Even after a long fight with alcohol and drugs, Candy is back to partying.


Even more ambitious than his previous safari in Rhode Island, Chuck has endeavored to find the perfect balance between, man and beast, hunter and pray, and explosives and dinner. When asked about his stance on gun control, he responded, “Guns? Guns, who’s using guns? Son, you should ‘a done your homework. I only use the finest in custom made munitions. And, ain’t a one of ’em a gun!” Coincidentally, Chuck just won a fishing tournament without the use of a rod and just spent several months in jail for destroying a police boat and a game warden’s pants.

“When I go hunting, I want mother nature to wet her pants!”